BlueGlue Studio

Anyone draws, but we are professionals doing it.

Our job is to find creative solutions to develop communication and marketing projects. We have collaborated in the following advertising fields:


We develop corporate characters that help send important information to your clients through illustrated texts, comics and newsletters.


We generate original art to illustrate publications; we develop new narrative concepts for books, magazines and comics.


We work on the development of images that can be useful within the teaching/learning system by applying them to didactic material.


We professionally support our colleagues in graphic design, branding, communication, advertising and marketing projects.


We collaborate in the communication process developing informative visual projects; as well as editorial design to illustrate books and manuals.

General public

For all those people who want to capture art and illustrations on different products such as t-shirts, stickers and many others items.

Creative team



Highlight social values ​​from the correct information from the media close to the public you want to reach.

Teaching materials

These types of resources are of great help to provide learning experiences for children and adults.

Character design

Convey personality and emotions through strokes to generate an impact on the brand, whatever it is.

Graphic motion

Approach brands from moving images, managing to capture their attention optimally.


Visually communicate ideas applied to different products through traditional and digital techniques.

We are creative and we are responsible

Punctuality is the best service to our customers.


Big River IPN

Goldie Corporate Character

Wis Ice Cream

Toby Corporate Character

I Love Pizza

Advertising Illustration

WisCo Publishers

Los Miedos Felices

Ignius Business Innovation

Sales Workshop 2023

Galleta de Jengibre Candy Shop

Brand Character Sponsor

Radin´s World

Decorative Mural

Burra Burger

Social Media Posts

Goverment of Guanajuato

Aquopolis Board Game

Government of Guanajuato

HidroKids Comics

Yuyin Footwear

Mural Search Figures

America School

Finding Friends Book

Ignius Business Innovation

Sales Workshop 2022

Océano Editorial

My Fantastic Adventure

Condorin Footwear

Character Design Studio

Gunis Editorial

Life Looks Like A Comic Strip

America School

Master Turtle´s Tales

Ford Co. Lagos

Coloring Book

Chaka Chaka Brand

Tee Shirts Concepts

Condorin Footware

Sapica Expo Shoes

Government of Guanajuato

Rural System Manual

Motion graphs


Work operations

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León, Gto. México.

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